“Cooking is as old as humanity itself […] When we bake a loaf of bread, roast a leg of lamb, or even flip a burger on the grill, we’re invoking time-honored techniques passed down not only from generation to generation but from the dawn of species.”

-Modernist Cuisine Volume 2 [History & Fundamentals]

Charcoal Catering is all about bringing this traditional technique to your next dinner party, engagement, birthday celebration or any other event you’re looking for. We are constantly evolving our menu items and will always revolve around a common theme of charcoal. Our main cuisine is Greek but we do like to dabble in other cuisines which shows just how passionate we are about good food, quality ingredients and excellent company.

We will always aim to provide you with quality, locally sourced ingredients wherever we can. We are always obtaining our fresh ingredients from farmers markets and organic wholesalers.

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